Friday, December 16, 2011

The Tale of Two Lost Brothers

There were Three brothers who lived with their father. They all had the likeness of their father, but each had different personalities. The youngest son loved to discover how everything works. The second son was always falling in love. The oldest son loved to remember. Their father always found favor with the one who remembered. He listened better than the other two.

One night, when they were old enough to go to the woods by themselves. Their father told them to fetch more firewood to keep the fire going. Their father had a great knowledge of the forest around but his strength was failing him. He taught his sons everything he knew. He spoke about which forest to avoid.

So the three went on their way on their way to fetch firewood, when suddenly a light beamed, coming from the woods where their father had told them not to go. The youngest son was intrigued and followed the suspicious light. It was dusk. There could be no possible light as bright as in mid-day.The second son was amazed how beautiful that light was and wanted to see more. And the oldest son remembered his father's warning, but he had to go after his brothers who impulsively ran towards the intriguingly beautiful light.

The chase led them into separation. The second brother found a beautiful lost nymph hiding behind a dark tree.  He fell in love instantly for he had never seen such beauty. His admiration turned to adoration that turned into obsession that turned into delusion and made him forget who and what he was. He started believing he was also a nymph. The nymph slowly turned into another creature that crawled in the dirt and ate insects. And so he started doing like so. He ate grass and insects and ran away following the nymph like a timid deer when..

The youngest brother could have sworn he heard an unusual animal sound he had never heard before. He would be known all over town if he happened to discover it first. The sound was coming from a cave. He followed it. The further he went in, the darker it got. The more he stepped in, the more unsually intriguing the sound was, and the more he was eager to discover. "Oh the fame I could get if I could just lay his eyes on this unseen creature," was all he could think of until he got too far and it was too dark for him to find his way back. He forgot where he came from. Everything was surrounded by darkness and uncertainty. He could be lost in the darkness forever.

The paths of the forest were tricky along with deceitful creatures which made it more difficult. But the oldest brother, who always remembers, remembered his father's teachings and warnings. He found his way home.

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