Monday, September 3, 2012

Till Death Do They Part

Sometimes i wonder what hurts more? Losing a partner or losing a child? I guess it hurts either way. But that's not the case with my friend who just lost her husband. They never had a child together. For 25 years, they only got each other.

I have been married to my husband for almost three years but I cant even begin to think of the idea of 'till death do us  part'.

Her husband Bob was only days away from death after a broken hip accident. Yes, broken hip sounds a  simple  thing but  it  was more complicated than that.  Bob was at that  age  with  multiple  health  problems. But in spite of everything, she loved him unconditionally. She stayed with him even through her husband's darkest days of  blindness. She endured Bob's frustrations of losing his sight  along with his self esteem,. There was a time that a man's pride (especially  to a  former  soldier) was  crushed  of self  pity and felling of uselessness, but  Susan stood firm as a faithful and caring wife and loved him no matter what. She lifted Bob's self esteem up again even if it means total submission, letting him win most of the time. Then his dementia came which it meant harder work, more sleepless nights and dealing with her husband's delusions of Vietnam war experiences. They never had a child. Susan was not alone. God got her back.

Bob had many health problems in his age. In fact, he was suppose to be gone 4 years ago, but God heard his wife's prayer "LORD 3 more years " along with her much love  care and support, he  lived 4  more years as a very happy man. He would join our conversations and most of the time entertained us with his humorous jokes. He could even go to church. He was there on my birthday and was able to enjoy a buffet.

It was a great thing my friend was a nurse until she became her husband's personal nurse. She knew what was best for Bob.  She fought hard when others opinion said her husband  had to go but her love kept him going. She proved they wrong  

God is good to her who gave her the strength to stand firm for her husband's  welfare and even to his spiritual journey. hardships, fatigue did not bother her as the Lord was on her side. I don't remember Susan without a smile on her face, until last Wednesday, it seemed the heaven told her "rest  now  my child. Let me handle the rest".

Bob is now in the arms of the Lord where there  are no more  pain  or broken flesh. My simple prayer is for God would be there for her for one more time in her grieving. I trust that like He was  with  my friend in her marriage, there He will be also as is a widow.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your friend's loss. This is a heartbreaking story, and one that hopefully inspires everyone who reads it to hold their partners extra close tonight!